Martha Kench

Martha is a Care Adviser and Researcher at Chosen With Care since 2016. Martha first gained personal experience in the care home field when her own grandmother went in to a dementia residential home. Martha understands first hand the feelings of guilt and the worry that can accompany the emotional journey of finding a care home for a loved one. Martha recognises the importance of finding the right home offering the right care solutions for each individual client and the factors that must be taken into account when searching for the ideal home. Martha shares Debbie's passion in ensuring care homes offer the highest level of service possible.

Before Chosen With Care, Martha was the Executive Assistant to the Chairman of Morgan Stanley Real Estate EMEA. Martha brings with her exceptional organisational skills and a level of compassion that she has gained from working at the top of her field for 20 years.

Thank you very much for your hard work and skill in matching the needs of my mother which we set out in the plan. I have carefully examined all the information you sent me and can report that I have visited the care home today. I confess that both I and my wife were overwhelmed with the care and tenderness that Karen and her staff gave us and the magnificence of the brand new apartments shown. You most certainly deserve evert penny of the £750.00 that I have deposited into your account this evening. Interestingly Karen was not at all surprised when I phoned to arrange a visit today and most of the staff that I spoke with also had knowledge of mum. I concluded that your conversation with Karen was so positive that you too expected me to take full advantage of her offer which I have now set in progress. I have informed the care home where mum is at the moment that Karen will be calling in on mum next Wednesday to do an assessment with a view of her moving and all being well mum should be moved very soon.