4th November 2015

Hard hats and retirement villages

At Chosen with Care we do like to go beyond the call of duty for our clients.  Yesterday found us at a building site in Haywards Heath looking at an extremely impressive retirement village called St Georges Park.  In order to view the remaining apartments we had to don boots, hard hat, protective glasses, gloves and the obligatory high viz jacket.

St Georges Park

The faciliteis are among the best we have seen and include an indoor swimming pool, spa, library, dining room, bistro, 240 acres of very attractive grounds with wild orchids and wild meadows.

The village is owned by a charity and there is a church and concert hall in the middle.  It really is quite impressive. 

We have now looked at most of the retirement villages in the South East of England, so do get in touch if you would like some inside information.

Very friendly and calming at a time of extreme concern for my father. I felt that the advice was spot on and very practical. Martha took time to listen and demonstrated that she fully understood the situation and was very reassuring, following up with practical ideas. It has definitely helped with the next steps and it helps very much to know that she is there for me to reach out if I need to/have any further concerns.