10th March 2015

Recommended care home

Looking for the best care home for your loved one, is quite probably one of the most difficult things you will do. It will almost certainly be one of the most guilt ridden things that you do.

As somebody who offers a bespoke care home search service for families and individuals who want to find the very best care, I am going to start sharing with you the care homes that I think are worthy of note and those that, based on my experience and that of my clients, we would recommend to you.

I am going to begin with Signature at the Miramar. Based in Herne Bay this care home is purpose built on the old Miramar hotel site. It is situated in a residential area and several of it's apartments overlook the sea. Yes, you heard me correctly. Apartments.

This care home provides the level of accommodation that most care homes only dream of. Ranging from a studio apartment with a large en suite wet room, not forgetting the heated floor fully controlled by the resident, small kitchen area and bed/sitting room - all the way to a large two bedroom apartment with a fully fitted kitchen and sitting room with enough space for a three piece suite and all the trimmings and of course the large wet room.

This care home has communal lounges for those that would prefer a little company, an attractive dining room with linen table cloths and every time I have visited the Miramar I haven't seen a TV switched on in any room.

I had lunch with a client at the Miramar last week. It was a Friday so fish and chips were offered, along with scampi and chips and a vegetarian option. The meal consisted of three courses and to be honest if you are used to being served meals on wheels every day, it wasn't bad. As a bit of a foodie and aware of the research that suggests the older generation need more seasoned food in order to encourage eating, I think they could have done a little better. But on the whole six out of ten.

More to come...

I had to call you this morning to thank you for your support and advice at a very difficult time. Without having met me, or my Mum, Debbie understood exactly what was needed and the home she recommended was indeed perfect. When Dad and I visited we recognised immediately it was spot on for mum. As a first step she is trying out another home that she has heard good things about - and we must respect her views - but I have Debbie and my preferred choice up my sleeve as a next step. I have recommended Chosen with Care to a friend in a similar position and would not hesitate to do so again. Thank you Debbie.