The difference we make

We understand that moving into a care home – or moving Mum or Dad – into a care home, is a really difficult decision.  But our experience shows us that, if you find the right home, it can dramatically improve your quality of life, or that of your relative.  Particularly at times of crisis, having the right guidance can help restore your confidence in the decisions you are making. 

Here are a few examples of how we have helped to make a positive difference for our clients.

A new lease of life

Mr J was literally a prisoner in his own home: he hadn’t been outside for years, hadn’t showered for 36 months because he had no-one to assist him, and was relying on meals on wheels.  Although he had very few visitors, he is a people person; finding somewhere he could make friends and share activities with them was top of his wish list.  After extensive research, we found his perfect care home: situated on the beach, his accommodation (balcony, kitchenette, sitting room and separate bedroom) offered fabulous views.  Mr J now enjoys three excellent meals a day with his new-found friends, as well as diverse classes and hobbies and regular outings in the home’s minibus. 

A challenging search for difficult dementia patient 

Mrs W needed to find a new care home for her husband; he had dementia and his current care home could no longer cope with him.  Mrs W approached several care homes, but was unable to find one willing to take on someone who was heavily medicated, aggressive to staff and residents and in need of one-to-one care.  We took time to understand Mr W’s needs and find a home that could meet them – a difficult undertaking.  As a result, Mr W has successfully come off his medication and is no longer aggressive, and Mrs W can relax and enjoy his company when she visits him.

Respite care following emergency hospital admission 

Mrs K’s mother was ready to be discharged from hospital after an emergency admission, but Mrs K was advised that it was unsafe for her to go home.  Living 30 minutes away and with three small children, Mrs K didn’t know how to begin to find a home for her mother herself – and was feeling pressurised by the hospital to come up with an answer quickly.  We applied our expertise to find local homes that matched Mrs K’s mother’s requirements and funds, visiting them to produce a shortlist of three for Mrs K to visit, from which she chose one that suited her mother perfectly.  Chosen With Care saved Mrs K days of searching, and gave the whole family confidence that they had done the very best for their mother.

Dear Debbie, What can I say - THANK YOU!