How much do you charge?

We charge you for our time and expertise.  We charge £75 an hour.  To prepare a Care Home Report generally takes around 10 hours making the cost £750.  If the report takes longer than 10 hours and it often does, we do not charge for the extra hours.  It will take between  4 - 5 working days to complete. 

You work with care homes, are you really independent?

Yes, this is absolutely central to our philosophy and our commitment to our clients.  Although we work with care homes to help them improve their standards, we never take a fee from them.  We offer our expertise free of charge to them so that our clients have more excellent care homes to choose from. 

My relative has very challenging behaviour – can you still help us find a care home?

Yes – we specialise in finding the right care home for all our clients, even when they have very demanding needs.  Have a look at our case studies to see how the right care home can actually help calm an individual so their behaviour becomes less challenging!

The local authority is paying for my care/my relative’s care.  Can you still help me?

Yes, we can help you find a care home that will be accepted by the Local Authority.

Can you provide me with just a list of care homes that are suitable for my relative?

Yes, we can provide you with as much or as little information as you need.

Can you help me find assisted living properties?

Yes, we will find properties that are available that meet your needs and provide the information about the charges that are associated with these properties.

My sister and I disagree on the care home our mother should move to - can you help us?

Yes, we can act as mediators as we provide unbiased, honest advice on what we think is the best option for the potential resident based on our wide experience in this field.

My wife Doreen is disabled and has Alzheimer's. If that were not enough, she recently fell and broke her arm! At that moment my life changed, as I was no longer able to continue caring for her. A friend suggested that I talk to Debbie. We arranged a meeting at which she advised that I should have a plan for the future; we first agreed that the plan should be to get Doreen back home. Debbie recommend that I get Doreen out of hospital as soon as possible and into a care home for respite, advising me what to look for when selecting the home (vital). We further went into any requirements our own home might need to enable Doreen's safe return. Once home, Home Care will be needed, and Debbie again had all the contacts to provide this to meet my needs. I will not go into other offerings on her menu - needless to say she has all the answers and was able to lift the burden from my shoulders at a very stressful time. A very big thank you Debbie as our plan is beginning to take shape.