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Talk to us before you start looking for a care home.  Make sure you have answered the four critical questions that will ensure you make the right choice about a care home.  Our free advice line will ensure you make an informed decision about your care.

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We do not work for any care homes or take referral fees from any care provider.  Our objective is to provide independent and impartial advice to families about how to make an informed decision about care.

We are care homes experts and we really care that families make the best choices because we have been through this process personally and we know how it feels. 

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Respite care following emergency hospital admission

Mrs K’s mother was ready to be discharged from hospital after an emergency admission, but Mrs K was advised that it was unsafe for her to go home. Living 30 minutes away and with three small children, Mrs K didn’t know how to begin to find a home for her mother herself – and was feeling pressurised by the hospital to come up with an answer quickly. We applied our expertise to find local homes that matched Mrs K’s mother’s requirements and funds, visiting them to produce a shortlist of three for Mrs K to visit, from which she chose one that suited her mother perfectly. Chosen With Care saved Mrs K days of searching, and gave the whole family confidence that they had done the very best for their mother.

"Chosen with Care became my lifeline as they helped me find some desperately needed respite care. The care home was so perfect that when I could no longer cope I was happy for Joan to move in permanently."

My mother has been acting as my father’s main carer for over a year since he was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia. Unfortunately she had a fall on Monday and we were faced with a situation where we had to act fast to arrange for her to be taken care of and to look at immediate respite care in order that my father would also be looked after in a suitable care home which could cope with his needs. Luckily we had your report and had already viewed some of the care homes that you short-listed for us. This meant that when the dust had settled i.e. ambulances and paramedics had left and GP’s appointment arranged, rather than having to panic we were ahead of the game. Rather than having to start from scratch we worked through your report and phoned the care homes on the list. Luckily on our 4th call we managed to find a suitable care home that had a vacancy and within hours had arranged an appmt. to view, discussed needs with the manager and secured the room. My father is now being looked after by professionals in a safe environment and I am able to breath a sigh of relief after a couple of pretty stressful days. I have no doubt that without the report that you prepared for us and the advice you gave to go and see the homes on the list “just in case” we would not be in this position and I would probably still be tearing my hair out trying to get the situation sorted. Thanks very much for your advice