For relatives

Finding a care home for mum or dad can be both physically and emotionally challenging.  If you live a long way from them, the practicalities of choosing the right home for them can be difficult, sometimes impossible, to manage.  And, with so many negative headlines about care homes, it can be hard to have confidence that you are doing right by mum or dad.  We know, we’ve been through it – which is why we’re here to give you expert guidance so you don’t have to go through it on your own. 

How we can help you

We can help you find:

  • Residential care – the right fit for your mum or dad
  • Nursing care – if your relative has more complex medical needs
  • Dementia care – expert care to match your relative’s needs
  • Respite care – so you can have a much-needed break from your own care duties
  • Convalescent care – so mum or dad can recover safely after a planned operation or short-term illness before returning home
  • Urgent care solutions –we can find the right care home for mum or dad at short notice

How we work

All about you and your loved one: You and your relative are the most important people in this journey, so we work with you to put you in control of this important decision.  We take time to get to know your mum, dad or other elderly relative, their likes and dislikes, their needs, hopes and concerns – and we respect what is important to them, and to you. 

Personal service: Your designated care home finder will guide you through every step of the process, acting as your single point of contact for everything.  Where appropriate, we will meet with you face to face.

Future planning: We help you and your elderly relative plan successfully for their future.  Whatever your family’s circumstances, we will help you find the right solution, whether that’s finding the perfect environment for your relative to spend their final days or helping to turn what can be a difficult journey into a wonderful discovery – for you and them.  Above all, we help you to have the confidence that you have done the best for mum or dad.

Expert advice: We have been helping people find care homes successfully for 12 years.  When we visit a care home on your behalf we know how to spot the little things that indicate quality, care and attention, and the subtle clues that mean this isn’t a place you’d want mum or dad to live.

Your champion: We act for you and your loved one, and no-one else.  While we provide advice to care homes as part of our commitment to raising standards in the industry, we are completely independent of them and never take a fee for our services to them or commission for introducing a client.  If we recommend a care home to you, it is because we believe it meets your requirements and the needs and expectations of your loved one, and no other reason. 

Our services

We can provide as much or as little support as you require.  Our services include:

  • Initial consultation – with both you and your loved one to understand your needs, your budgets, your hopes and fears
  • Creating an initial shortlist of care homes for you to consider
  • Visiting care homes on your behalf and providing you with a comprehensive report on our findings, including photos and our recommendations for which homes would be worthwhile considering further
  • Taking you and/or your relative to visit the care homes – so you can experience their facilities, food and atmosphere for yourselves
  • Helping your relative move into your chosen care home – including helping them decide which furniture and personal possessions to take.  We’ll even hang their pictures on the wall of their new bedroom for them!

"Thanks very much for your help Debbie. I have actually passed your details on to a relative of a close friend of mine who lives in in the west country but has a recently widowed mother with Alzheimer's living in Kent. The daughter has a demanding job, a husband and teenage children so I thought she might benefit from the services you are able to provide. Jill from Tonbridge".